Macro Corporate Services Private Limited
Restructuring and Turnaround

We assist underperforming or struggling organizations in a financial and operational capacity. We work directly with management to quickly stabilize performance by developing and implementing a strategic plan that addresses the immediate challenges an organization is facing.

Re-establishing the viability of the project
Business Plan / Project Report preparation
Balancing the debt servicing obligations with realistic cash flow estimate
Partial settlement of liabilities
Re-alignment of interest rates, ballooning of interest
Sale of assets not required or critical for business
Re-scheduling of loans
Additional funding for Working Capital / Capital expenditure
Waiver of interest / further interest / liquidated damages
Hiving off non productive Strategic Business Units

Our Services

Sourcing and Procurement
Business Strategy Consultation
Financial Advisory Services
Research and Study Activity
Mergers and Acquisition
Restructuring and Turnaround
Public Relation & Coordination
Marketing, Branding & Promotion
Initiatives & Activities